Behavioral Interviewing

Program Duration

Length of program – 1 day

Program Description

Business success begins with hiring the right person for the right job.  The hiring decision is perhaps the single most important decision managers and companies make.  Mistakes and poorly informed hiring decisions can haunt a manager, a team, and a company for years.  Poor hires waste time and money and affect morale. This session is an in-depth analysis and application of behavioral interviewing including the legal aspects.



  • Outline the hiring process
  • Conduct a job/position analysis and identify core competencies
  • Identify the most common pitfalls of hiring
  • Explain the five step interviewing process 
  • Write position specific open-ended interview questions
  • Review and evaluate resumes
  • Create revealing interview questions
  • Practice conducting meaningful interviews that reveal past behavior and experience indicative of future performance
  • Evaluate results and choose the best person