Customer Service Strategies

Program Duration

Length of program – 2 days


Program Description

Creating and sustaining a customer-centric culture requires specific knowledge, skills, and behaviors.  All of these competencies are addressed in the two-day Customer Service Strategies session.  Customer care and managing relationships are at the heart of this experiential workshop.  The benefits of exceptional customer service to both the recipient and the provider are brought to life through case studies and targeted learning activities.  This workshop provides a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to be an exceptional service provider and vendor of choice.


Customer Service Strategies teaches the essentials of true customer service.  Essentials that help you identify and analyze your customers, humanize your service, clarify expectations, understand the criticality of your attitude and your role, establish and maintain positive relationships, communicate accurately and sensitively – and make service a dynamic differentiator. 



Creating a Customer-centric Culture

  - The human element – the right mix and focus

  - Perception is everything    


Customer Service Starts with YOU

  - Your mindset and attitude – are you dressed for success?

  - Equity – is there balance in the customer/supplier relationship?


Building Relationships that Last

  - It’s all about people

  - Working with difficult people: who are they, when am I one, what can I do?


It’s All About Communication

  - Behavioral communication: what works

  - Listening: feeling, sensing, understanding, respecting – not just hearing

  - Asking the right questions – understanding needs and expectations