Debbie Stelmacki

Ms. Stelmacki has consulted with clients to design, develop, and deliver targeted organizational management and professional development learning and coaching solutions for over 25 years.  She is a senior partner at Dynamic Solutions, an organizational effectiveness consultancy.   From assessment to implementation, Ms. Stelmacki is responsible for comprehensive cultural change initiatives focused on enhancing team productivity, interpersonal relationships, customer satisfaction, executive coaching, and management and leadership skills.


Ms. Stelmacki has worked and continues to work extensively in both the private and public sectors with a number of multinational corporations.  In liaison with Quiet Power, Ms. Stelmacki was selected as the senior training specialist for the DLA (Department of Defense) Enterprise Support Services worldwide customer service training program.  She was also a key facilitator for the DLA Distribution Leadership Academy sessions on Trust and Coaching.  She also conducted Team Building and Trust sessions at DLA Distribution sites.  Ms. Stelmacki has received awards and recognition for her outstanding work with DLA – especially as an executive coach in the DLA Disposition Executive Coaching Program.  She has coached various levels of military and civilian leaders in all aspects of leadership and management.


Ms. Stelmacki facilitates and delivers training, executive coaching and leadership sessions for multinationals worldwide.  Additionally, Ms. Stelmacki was a senior consultant for the Siemens Change Management team responsible for assessment for the U.S. and global change initiatives.  She also co-created a comprehensive, step-by-step Change Management Tool Kit for local and global business transformation initiatives.  Ms. Stelmacki designed a comprehensive team-based curriculum from assessment to delivery, which focused on increasing team performance and relationships, trust, conflict management, and working in a changing environment.


Ms. Stelmacki has authored articles on training and time management, and training guides on topics such as customer service, management and leadership, change management, interpersonal effectiveness, team dynamics, public speaking, and trust.  Likewise, she has extensive, specialized experience in the development of workplace learning initiatives for many Fortune 1000 companies.


Debbie Stelmacki received her professional certification as an Assessment Center Administrator and Assessor from OSI, a renowned industry leader.  And, as a result, was responsible for a customization of the Leadership Development Center for Siemens ICN.  She is a certified facilitator for: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Harvard Negotiating Skills, and DiSC® Workstyles.  Ms. Stelmacki studied Business Administration with a major in Management at Central Penn.