Interpersonal Effectiveness

Program Duration

Length of program – 2 days


Program Description

The basis of civilization, relationships, and business success or failure is communication.  And the most basic of communication skills are interpersonal: among and between people.  Assuring understanding, gaining support, fostering relationships, and building commitment require strong interpersonal skills.  Strong interpersonal skills are at the heart of ultra-professional behavior and performance.

This highly interactive workshop uses practical ideas and tools for enhancing interpersonal skills in all aspects of life. Through a personal DiSC® assessment, a series of exercises, video analysis, a case study project, and project overview presentation, participants develop, practice and master core communication competencies.



DiSC® Behavioral Styles

- Apply the core concepts for understanding yourself and others

Trust: the basis of interdependent relationships
- Define trust and the role it plays in positive, highly functional relationships

- Trust Bank Account™ (TBA): deposits build trust

Communicating: intelligently, thoughtfully, sensitively

- Build stronger interpersonal skills -- listening and being appropriately assertive

Conflict: managed, functional conflict equals constructive dissent

- List the tactics for turning conflict into opportunity and working constructively with difficult people

Influence fosters commitment

- Develop a strategy for influencing different types of people in different situations

- Emotional Intelligence (EI): IQ is the ante, EQ is the winning hand

- Win-win thinking: success is the result of interdependence