Management Essentials

Program Duration

Length of program – 3 days


Program Description

This workshop will allow participants to understand and practice the core competencies of effective managers and leaders.  Through interactive case studies, practical application, role-plays, video analysis, and engaged discussions, participants will learn to distinguish between effective and ineffective motivational, delegation, and empowerment techniques. Managers and future managers will develop competence in interpersonal communication, performance improvement, and coaching.  A DiSC® profile is also a part of individual analysis and growth.  Participants will become leaders who accomplish successful outcomes with and through their team members.



Building the Foundation

  - DiSC® Behavioral Styles

  - Trust – the glue that holds everything together

  - Roles, responsibilities, relationships

Core Leadership Concepts and Tools

  - The Expectation Cycle – introduction and application

  - Emotional Intelligence – overview

It’s All About Communication – principles of effective communication

  - Listening and asking the “right” questions

  - Turning conflict into opportunity

Performance Management:  It’s a Partnership

  - Aligning activities with organizational outcomes

  - Setting clear expectations

  - Providing feedback

Delegation, Coaching, and Empowerment

  - Applying a practical coaching and delegation model

  - Cultivating an environment conducive to empowerment

Motivation and Morale

  - Understanding the difference between motivational and hygiene factors

  - Creating a motivating environment

  - Developing individual motivation plans