Multi-Tasking: Organize or Agonize

Program Duration

Length of program – 1 day


Program Description

Learning to handle multiple tasks will help individuals and teams become more efficient and effective in today’s demanding, complex business environment.  By being disciplined when organizing and prioritizing, and precise in planning and controlling, it is possible to accomplish more and achieve desired outcomes.

Participants will learn the importance of personal and organizational planning habits – and how to plan and lead productive meetings that actually accomplish meaningful objectives. Based on the learning, participants will be able to recognize when they are on the right course, heading for the right destination – at the right pace, and maintaining the right things.




  - Setting priorities, importance vs. urgency, and electronic, physical desk management


  - Prioritizing tasks, determining time requirements, and understanding what gets you off track


  - Using tracking and visualizing tools

Understanding the barriers to success

  - Creating a checklist for success

Meeting Effectiveness

  - Leading and running effective meetings


  - Staying on track, staying on schedule