Peak Performance Leadership

Program Duration

A dynamic format with delivery flexibility and options


Program Description

This highly interactive workshop takes a comprehensive look at the criticality and impact of true leadership in these turbulent and challenging times.  What are leaders there to do? The core theories, practices, behaviors, and strategies of modern leadership will be explored and discussed using videos, case studies, role-plays, and individualized feedback. Participants also complete a DiSC® Behavioral Styles assessment in order to understand how teams and team members can work more cooperatively, collaboratively, and productively.



Establishing the Foundation: 

  - Identifying the difference between managing and leading

  - Exploring DiSC® Behavioral Styles – being flexible and adaptable

  - Fostering TRUST – the glue that holds every relationship together

  - Understanding Emotional Intelligence (EI) – a foundational competence
- Defining The Expectation Cycle and “Ripple Effect”

Maintaining Focus:

  - Explaining the core principles of time and priority management

  - Practicing how to say NO pleasantly and with integrity – protecting the


  - Planning and leading effective meetings

Building the Team:

  - Determining the difference between a group and team

  - Examining teamwork within departments – across managers/groups

  - Determining the core competencies needed by team leaders

  - Explaining the intricacies of leading remote teams

Creating Partnerships: 

  - Delegating and coaching for development

  - Motivating employees