Stand & Deliver

Program Duration

Length of program – 2 days


Program Description

Ranked as number one on many lists of the greatest human fears: giving a presentation in front of an audience.  This session focuses on approaches for enhancing confidence and delivering structured, compelling presentations through real-time, “safe environment” practice. Participants will understand and practice all elements of preparing and delivering dynamic presentations.

Each participant delivers three practice presentations of various lengths and on various topics. These presentations are critiqued by the instructor and the participant “audience,” and two presentations are videotaped for continuous improvement. Participants will gain experience and confidence in their ability to Plan, Prepare, Package, and Share™ when they “stand and deliver.”




- Identify and analyze the who, what, when, where, why and how of dynamic presentations
- Know the audience, the topic, and the purpose


- Research the topic
- Identify themes and main points
- Determine support materials
- Develop key words and phrases


- Organize and structure the message
- Format materials: PPTs, handouts, visuals, videos
- Create notes and cues


- Practice and rehearse
- Deliver the message; develop a stage presence
- Determine non-verbal communication and movement
- Emphasize main points structurally, verbally, and non-verbally