Strategic Planning

Program Duration

Length of program – 1 to 2 days


Program Description

This practical, essential workshop will prepare participants to understand strategic planning by applying, step-by-step, the actual strategic planning process. This session takes a comprehensive look at a series of questions that examine experience, test assumptions, and gather and make use of information to assess the present and anticipate the future. The end result will allow participants to understand the organization – in depth and in detail, and establish direction, focus efforts, and provide consistency. This will assure a distinctive strategy that gives competitive advantage.



  • Discuss current business challenges and trends
  • Define a strategic purpose, process, and payoff
  • Understand and use strategic planning tools and concepts
  • Discuss competitive advantages and disadvantages
  • Create a profile of business success
  • Identify and prioritize organizational critical success factors
  • Assure agreement on the critical success factors
  • Clarify any barriers to success
  • Prepare an action plan
  • Agree on next steps