Success: Self Management Skills for Professionals

Program Duration

Length of program – 2 days


Program Description

Through personal assessment and targeted developmental activities, make yourself the best product in the market place.  This workshop focuses on the mind set for success and being more productive through better time and priority management, exhibiting exemplary professional behavior, building relationships through communicating, understanding others, leveraging interdependence, and dressing yourself and your attitude for success.

Doing all you can, to be the best you can be, is your individual pathway to success. Identifying, prioritizing and developing your critical career competencies (knowledge, skill, behavior) will help you communicate and sell your ideas, build consensus, and engender cooperation and collaboration. Investing in YOUR BRAND will generate a substantial career ROL (return on learning).



The Mind Set of Peak Performers

- Personal SWOT Analysis
- Emotional Intelligence

- Building Trust:  the glue that holds every relationship together

 Maintaining Focus

- Getting organized
- Planning:  monthly, weekly, daily
- Discipline: working the plan and overcoming procrastination

Communication and Interpersonal Effectiveness

- Communicating clearly, concisely, completely
- Listening to understand
- Influencing: ideas, recommendations, solutions

The Package and Brand

- You are your product – your mind set
- Visual impact – dressing for success
- Creating your personal elevator speech – your philosophy