Team Dynamics

Program Duration

Length of program – 2 days


Program Description

The most significant accomplishments in business and every other endeavor have come from the cooperative efforts of committed people.  Cooperation and teamwork go hand in hand.  Virtually all of us know and understand the importance and principles of teamwork.  Why then don’t we perform better than we do on workplace teams?

This workshop is a high involvement, experiential learning opportunity that covers the basics of team dynamics and winning team performance.  Participants, working in a team environment, will discover how teams form, what makes teams and team members successful, and what enhances or limits peak team performance.



  • Identify and discuss the differences between groups and teams
  • Explore the characteristics of high performing teams
  • Complete the DiSC® behavioral tendency profile
  • Discuss the importance of approach and intent when interacting with others
  • Explain the Expectation Cycle and its impact
  • Define the Trust Bank Account™ (TBA) and apply the principles
  • Practice consensus decision-making techniques
  • Review communication and listening skills in a team environment
  • Identify the barriers to team performance and demonstrate how to deal with them
  • Distinguish how individuals contribute to or detract from a team environment