Program Duration

Length of program – 1 day


Program Description

Trust is the foundation of constructive working relationships; it is fragile, and it must be earned and fostered.  Trust engenders high motivation, morale, and teamwork. This course deals with key issues of trust and working in interdependent, collaborative relationships.

Learners will identify what attitudes and behaviors either enhance or erode trust, and determine deposits and withdrawals in or from the Trust Bank Account™ (TBA).   Building trust begins with looking in the mirror and examining methods, results, integrity, and concerns regarding others and the organization.  No team or organization can grow, develop, and perform at peak levels without high levels of trust.



  • Learn what trust is and what role it plays in positive, highly functional, supportive relationships
  • Learn how to earn trust
  • Learn what causes trust to break down in organizations
  • Determine the factors that affect the decision to trust
  • Identify how communication, conflict resolution, and the Trust Bank Account™ (TBA) foster trust
  • Identify why trust is the essential ingredient in every human transaction